Lights out ~ Edward Thomas

Today I had the pleasure of talking to some amazing ‘Rural Hidden Heroes’ a project that is being run by the West of England Rural Network (WERN) in North Somerset and Bath and North East Somerset (BANES) where they were filmed for a short documentary to celebrate their lives and achievements. Living in the rural villages away from urban life and publicity these unassuming day to day heroes can be forgotten and the project is to ensure that their service, memories and contributions are celebrated. We must not forget that if it was not for these very people we would not be living the life we are today.

Funnily enough there was a local poet there (I won’t mention her name as I did not get permission) so to say I was excited was an understatement as you can imagine and this brings me to the timely mention of Lights out by Edward Thomas. Thomas (born 1878) was a successful British writer and literary critic before he took seriously to poetry in 1914 where he often wrote as Edward Eastaway. He was greatly encouraged by the American poet Robert Frost but sadly died in action at the Battle of Arras, France in 1917 soon after joining up.

Here is an excerpt of Lights out

There is not any book

or face of dearest look

that I would not turn from now

to go into the unknown

I must enter and leave alone

I know not how



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