Clevedon Pier ~ Described by Sir John Betjeman as ‘The most beautiful Pier in England’ 

I love the poems of John Betjeman and I also love Clevedon Pier which nestled on the North Somerset coast it is not too far from me and always delights when I visit. Sir John was a passionate advocate of Victorian architecture and Clevedon is a beautiful Victorian seaside town. He stated that Clevedon without its Pier ‘would be like a diamond with a flaw‘  and of course he’s right! Pontefract is a fair journey from Clevedon in North Somerset but with a Grandfather who also wrote poetry and loved to buy me real Liquorice sticks wrapped up in brown paper bags, which I hated by the way! Brings us nicely to another favourite of mine, The Liquorice Fields of Pontefract…

She cast her blazing eyes on me

And plucked a liquorice leaf,

I was her captive slave and she

My red-haired robber chief.

Happy memories.


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