World Book Day ~ Enid Blyton

I must not let the day go by without a mention to World Book Day. I decided I was going to hunt out some of my old books and choose one to start reading (along with two other books that I currently have on the go!). As a child I was obsessed with The Famous Five books by Enid Blyton which gave me escapism, fun and contained everything a child needed to get them hooked on reading… encouraging an imagination. My school teacher apparently told my parents I was to stop reading such rubbish and challenge myself as the writing was restricted in its use of language and the themes were unchallenging! Can you imagine a teacher saying that these days! Any reading is good and if it nurtures a love of books and life long reading then happy days. They certainly did for me. So… let me share with you something special, Five Have A Wonderful Time an edition from 1952. I’m off to remind myself all about the antics of Julian, Dick, George, Anne and of course Timmy the dog.



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