Lytes Cary Manor

Today was an odd day, the weather was very volatile, sun, rain, wind, rainbows but amongst that mix I managed to get some good photos of the National Trust property Lytes Cary Manor near Somerton. A stunning property with beautiful Arts & Crafts artefacts along with a gentle walk that takes you alongside the River Cary. I will let you have a nose at a few of the photos along with some words I have written. Hope you all had a great Sunday!

And I will follow in your footsteps

with love and hope

and the promise that one day

we will be together again

Do not falter along your path

for I will be with you

every step of the way

over cobbles and stone

the rough and the smooth

hesitate as you may

and take my hand

If you need to

squeeze it hard

and I will show you

Your destination



Let the sunlight cast shadows

upon brick and mortar

and I will embrace

your love

let your love cast a shadow

upon my heart

and I will ache



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