International Women’s Day 2017

Today we celebrate International Women’s Day first founded by the United Nations on this day in 1975. How far we have come over the past 100 years and yet there are still various issues that specifically affect women in parts of the world. Today Poetry has a voice even more so than normal, an expression, a point, a story waiting to be told by many and one that has the possibility to reach out to the masses and if it just reaches one person who finds comfort or strength in the written word then… job done! Here is my effort, I hope you enjoy! (Photo from my personal collection).

International Women’s Day 2017

We have risen from the ashes

of the Phoenix

creating belief

and unity

as we continue to search

for peace

and opportunities

to end all poverty

and hunger

in a world that

sees progress for all

and celebrates the past

with plans for the future

and the end of all violence

against women and girls

for we are women who

believe in one another

and today of all days

let us celebrate

each other

Tina Edwards


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