The Bluebell ~ Anne Bronte

And so Spring appears to be here. Today the sun is shining and the days we are told are to become a little warmer, oh! And the clocks go forward an hour in the early hours of Sunday, not so good… less sleep! The spring flowers are a sure sign out there that we have turned the corner of cold dark nights and there is renewed hope and a definite spring in people’s steps. It will be nice to walk in the dry for a change instead of with my head down and coming home like a drowned rat!

Anne Bronte (1820-1849) Occasionally using the Pen name; Acton Bell was the youngest of the Bronte sisters who lived within the beautiful Yorkshire landscape which has been the inspiration for many Poets, wrote a beautiful poem called The Bluebell. It has great imagery and I like it very much! Here is an excerpt…

That day along a sunny road

All carelessly I strayed,

Between two banks where smiling flowers

Their varied hues displayed.

Before me rose a lofty hill

Behind me lay the sea,

My heart was not so heavy then

As it was won’t to be.

Photo credit me!


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