Plum Tea 

I haven’t posted for a while, you know how it is, life takes over sometimes and there’s never enough time left for the things we enjoy. It’s been great to see Hollie McNish in the news this week being awarded the prestigious Ted Hughes award with her amazing poem on Motherhood. She is thoroughly engaging and I could listen to her for hours! Her spoken word in particular is so inspiring especially to the younger generation.

I thought it time to post one of my own poems. I like to use imagery and sometimes it takes on a whole new idea, as you will see from this poem and photo!

Plum Tea


She sits amongst flowers   on a deckchair 

of red and blue stripes   in her utopian garden

make up perfect   hair done  

nails painted  the most awful shade of plum

people arrive   say their goodbyes  

sniffle   sob    have a good look  


use day rider tickets to wipe away tears    

as crocodiles snap   at her naked veined heels

I offer refreshments from bone china cups

with sweet fondant fancies    smiles erupt

and when she has passed with a bunch of sweet peas

they tell me she loved   drinking plum tea


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