Deep in the Forest ~ Yom Hashoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day)

I’ve been a busy bee as they say down here in the depths of Somerset! I am currently working with a very talented poet whose work I love, which has come about through another extremely talented poet. I feel very blessed to be learning from such lovely inspiring people. Another plus moment has been that my poem Deep in the Forest written specifically for Yom Hashoah this year (which was on the 24th April) has been published by Poetry Superhighway over in the USA. This very important day ensures that we do the very best we can to honour those who suffered the horrors that occurred, specifically in WWII #neverforget and In today’s uncertain political unrest it is even more important that these atrocities never happen again.

The photo below is a personal family one. I do not know who these people are by name sadly but I know there is a Jewish connection. Passed down through generations you can probably see the likeness in my photo (side view!). They look happy in this photo and that I cherish.

You can read my poem  Deep in the Forest along with 54 others from Poets all around the world!

Never Forget


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