I’ve just returned from my most favourite place in the world… Cornwall. The weather was very kind which of course made all the difference, although I love it just as much in the winter. I refreshed my creative juices and came back to some great news, that is, quite a few poems have been accepted for publishing, some online and two in print, I am particularly pleased that the one I wrote inspired by Cornwall is one of them (more on that once it’s in print!). The scenery was as usual amazing and the photo I took below at Pendeen reminded me of a favourite of mine by Sir John Betjeman, Cornish Cliffs. I know I have enthused before about him but it seemed fitting to include him again. He is buried in St Endoc’s Church in Trebetherick as is incidentally Fleur Lombard the first female Firefighter to die on duty firefighting for Avon Fire & Rescue Service here in the U.K. 

If you get the chance and are not familiar with Cornish Cliffs, then see if you can find it (there are copyrights so I have written an excerpt from my poetry book) it’s well worth hunting down.

Those moments, tasted once and never done,

Of long surf breaking in the mid-day sun.

A far-off blow-hole booming like a gun-


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