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This is me in pensive pose, totally contrived of course and taken by my daughter last summer in the beautiful Cornish village of Sancreed. A place full of inspiration both emotionally and creatively. Having reached the big 50 last year relatively in one piece! I decided I would start a blog, it’s taken me a while to get going but… better late than never!

This personal blog will be one of  Photos & Poetry as I muse my way through daily life and share with you the odd photo taken by myself and my love of poetry, my favourite poems and maybe one or two of my own attempts thrown in for good measure. These are my own personal views and comments and any mistakes on this blog will also be my own! 

I’d love to have you with me on my journey so hang around… who knows what travels we may get up to xx

The Bluebell ~ Anne Bronte

And so Spring appears to be here. Today the sun is shining and the days we are told are to become a little warmer, oh! And the clocks go forward an hour in the early hours of Sunday, not so good… less sleep! The spring flowers are a sure sign out there that we have turned the corner of cold dark nights and there is renewed hope and a definite spring in people’s steps. It will be nice to walk in the dry for a change instead of with my head down and coming home like a drowned rat!

Anne Bronte (1820-1849) Occasionally using the Pen name; Acton Bell was the youngest of the Bronte sisters who lived within the beautiful Yorkshire landscape which has been the inspiration for many Poets, wrote a beautiful poem called The Bluebell. It has great imagery and I like it very much! Here is an excerpt…

That day along a sunny road

All carelessly I strayed,

Between two banks where smiling flowers

Their varied hues displayed.

Before me rose a lofty hill

Behind me lay the sea,

My heart was not so heavy then

As it was won’t to be.

Photo credit me!

On the Grasshopper and Cricket by John Keats

Do you believe in the mystical, the astrologers, the weird and the wonderful? Oh! I do and I appear to share the same birth date and star sign as the great Poet John Keats. We have also worked in the same hospital Guys in London where he was a Med student but sadly I do not share his talent! Keats was born in London in 1795 and is known as one of the great English Romantics whose reputation only grew after his death of TB in Rome in 1821. Here is an excerpt from one of my favourite poems of his On the Grasshopper and Cricket, I love the first line The Poetry of earth is never dead… Apparently us Scorpios are passionate and dedicated Writers 🙂

The Poetry of earth is never dead:

   When all the birds are faint with the hot sun,

    And hide in cooling trees, a voice will run

    From hedge to hedge about the new-mown mead;

Dreams do come true…

I haven’t posted for a few days but have found some time to share something quite exciting… well for me anyhow! Yesterday I had an email to let me know one of my poems has been accepted for inclusion into a poetry magazine. It’s been a pretty crazy week with all sorts going wrong but it just goes to show that there is always a rainbow 🌈 somewhere and yesterday was a rainbow day. I obviously can’t say too much quite yet so instead I will share a photo I took of my vintage Italian Antares Domus typewriter circa  early 1960’s which helped me celebrate! My Grandfather would have typed all of his poems and short stories on something similar, I wonder what he would think of things today…

International Women’s Day 2017

Today we celebrate International Women’s Day first founded by the United Nations on this day in 1975. How far we have come over the past 100 years and yet there are still various issues that specifically affect women in parts of the world. Today Poetry has a voice even more so than normal, an expression, a point, a story waiting to be told by many and one that has the possibility to reach out to the masses and if it just reaches one person who finds comfort or strength in the written word then… job done! Here is my effort, I hope you enjoy! (Photo from my personal collection).

International Women’s Day 2017

We have risen from the ashes

of the Phoenix

creating belief

and unity

as we continue to search

for peace

and opportunities

to end all poverty

and hunger

in a world that

sees progress for all

and celebrates the past

with plans for the future

and the end of all violence

against women and girls

for we are women who

believe in one another

and today of all days

let us celebrate

each other

Tina Edwards

Lytes Cary Manor

Today was an odd day, the weather was very volatile, sun, rain, wind, rainbows but amongst that mix I managed to get some good photos of the National Trust property Lytes Cary Manor near Somerton. A stunning property with beautiful Arts & Crafts artefacts along with a gentle walk that takes you alongside the River Cary. I will let you have a nose at a few of the photos along with some words I have written. Hope you all had a great Sunday!

And I will follow in your footsteps

with love and hope

and the promise that one day

we will be together again

Do not falter along your path

for I will be with you

every step of the way

over cobbles and stone

the rough and the smooth

hesitate as you may

and take my hand

If you need to

squeeze it hard

and I will show you

Your destination



Let the sunlight cast shadows

upon brick and mortar

and I will embrace

your love

let your love cast a shadow

upon my heart

and I will ache


World Book Day ~ Enid Blyton

I must not let the day go by without a mention to World Book Day. I decided I was going to hunt out some of my old books and choose one to start reading (along with two other books that I currently have on the go!). As a child I was obsessed with The Famous Five books by Enid Blyton which gave me escapism, fun and contained everything a child needed to get them hooked on reading… encouraging an imagination. My school teacher apparently told my parents I was to stop reading such rubbish and challenge myself as the writing was restricted in its use of language and the themes were unchallenging! Can you imagine a teacher saying that these days! Any reading is good and if it nurtures a love of books and life long reading then happy days. They certainly did for me. So… let me share with you something special, Five Have A Wonderful Time an edition from 1952. I’m off to remind myself all about the antics of Julian, Dick, George, Anne and of course Timmy the dog.


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St Davids Day ~ Dylan Thomas Poet

Happy St Davids Day! 

Well this blog may be a little predictable I’m afraid, although it’s not about I wandered lonely as a cloud, sometimes known as Daffodils by William Wordsworth but a great  poem by the Welsh Poet Dylan Thomas, Do not go gently into that good night. I have recently completed a Poetry online learning course which has been fantastic (delivered by Jim Bennett, Poet of The Poetry Kit) and one of my tasks was to write my own Villanelle poem, Eekkk! Thomas was born born in Swansea in 1914 and sadly died at the young age of 39. His famous writing shed at the once family home the Boat House in Laugharne is well worth a visit for its atmospheric inspiration. Thomas was also well known for his radio readings and his haunting voice adds potency to his words, why not have a listen here;Do not go gently into that good night. Dylan Thomas

And you, my father, there on the sad height,

Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.

Do not go gently into that good night.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light.